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Smokey's First Taste of Hay

Mom loves this stuff… not sure why.

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Lilly & Ginger

Sisters Sharing a Snack.

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A Momma's Love

Scarlet loving on Tank.

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Baby Calf Temper Tantrum

Ever had one of those days?

What Our Customers Say

We pride ourselves in matching calves to their forever homes.

See what some of our customers had to say about their experience with us.

“Ten out of ten. Recommend buying from Sheila at S&S Miniature Highlands. It was such a great experience! From the first contact to now, she has been incredibly helpful. Very informative/knowledgeable about the breed! We got a bull calf from them that will be raised as a pet and they even started him on a halter before we picked him up. Such great people with a great love for these fluffy little cows. They wont disappoint!”

Meagan Hoel

Owner of J Heart M Ranch

“We purchased our first bull and heifer from S&S Miniature Highlands about a year ago and couldn’t be happier with them. Sheila brings these cattle up with a lot of hands-on attention and in return, they are very familiar with being around and handled by people. Our kids are comfortable in the pen with them and scratch and brush them. They get along with our horses and mini horses and are pastured together so they cohabitate with other animals well, which is super helpful. My parents raise angus cattle and the highlands are just way more docile, people friendly, and there smaller size makes them less intimidating.”

Ryan & Genevieve Tremper

Rhodes Crane & Rigging

“We asked if we could come visit the little cows to get an idea of what the heard is like and Sheila was very accommodating. She met us on her lunch break. Sheila was friendly, kind and loving toward her cows and interested humans! The cows were so cute and seemed happy and healthy. She genuinely cares about their health and well being. They aren’t just dollars to her, they’re family. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase, to give her a chance. She’s growing a very cute and quirky herd.”

Mikayla & Tracee

Mini Animal Enthusiasts